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The #1 Pay As You Grow Dental Consulting Firm

Dentists hire Champion Dentists because they offer the most unique and one-of-a-kind methodology designed to increase profits because most are facing staff churn, lack new patient growth, and are spending too much time on mundane administrative minutiae. Our dental consultants help eliminate inefficiencies in recare, case presentation/ acceptance, collections, and core systems to win new patients and reap lasting profits. Bottom line: Retain your loyal staff and Bringing Home More PROFIT than ever.


The Profit Optimization Program is a process-driven, systematic approach to identify, evaluate, and address opportunities and drive results within 90 days.


Assess your practice to reduce your current costs
● Implement proven strategies to increase your profits
● Improve your quality of life


Champion Dentists’ promise to you. “You pay us when you get paid.”

The Profit Optimization Program is built in a win-win, no-risk methodology. We get rewarded when we deliver results. We only require a small initial investment to ensure you are committed to implement the improvements we recommend. Further compensation comes almost exclusively through performance rewards as we help you achieve the increased revenue and profit you desire and deserve.

We create championship teams and championship results, helping you grow your business through proven systems and processes, and introducing marketing when you are ready for that boost. Our expert Consultants and Coaches on average have 20 years of experience in dental consulting and bring an outside perspective to expand your brand and improve your practice performance and profits.

John Hayman DMD, Cassopolis Dental, MI

Do not ask should I start with The Champions Institute? Ask when can I start?

Deanna O'Neil DDS

Working with Tonya was an excellent experience and really improved the efficiency and productivity of my practice. During the time Tonya consulted with the practice I was transitioning to a paperless practice. She not only helped make the paperless transition as easy as possible but also restructured the front desk to run extremely efficient which allowed for more flexibility with staff. In addition, Tonya made suggestions to adjust the daily schedule making it less stressful and still very productive. I really appreciated it and so did the staff! My staff and I really enjoyed working with her and appreciated her professional manner as well as all the positive changes she brought to the practice. I would recommend her to anyone!

Michael Keeter -
Director of Business Development, AvaDent

"Every dentist in North America is going to want this"